Surreal first-person puzzles


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Tessallation is a first-person puzzle game where you play a young student (with a Rubik's Cube for a head) who must overcome a series of tests using her strange time-travelling abilities.

Thanks to this special ability, players can create multiple clones of the main character simultaneously to help carry out different tasks. In this way, you’ll be able to open a door by pushing many buttons at the same time or enter a room while the clone opens the door for you.

Besides its unique gameplay, Tessallation’s graphics and aesthetics are nothing short of praiseworthy. In addition to the fantastic aesthetics of the institute and its surroundings, the game’s level and character designs can easily hold their own against lots of other paid titles.

Tessallation is a first-person puzzle game in Portal fashion where you’ll have to strain your brain to move forward and solve the super-complex puzzles you come across.
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